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 <​table>​ <​table>​
 +<tr valign="​top">​
 +<td align="​right"​ class="​bibtexnumber">​
 +[<a name="​ARV19">​1</​a>​]
 +<td class="​bibtexitem">​
 +Atul&​nbsp;​Singh Arora, J&​eacute;​r&​eacute;​mie Roland, and Chrysoula Vlachou.
 + ​Explicit quantum weak coin flipping protocols with arbitrarily small
 +  bias.
 + <​em>​arXiv e-prints</​em>,​ arXiv:​1911.13283,​ 2019.
 +[&​nbsp;<​a href="​http://​arxiv.org/​abs/​1911.13283">​arXiv</​a>&​nbsp;​]
 <tr valign="​top">​ <tr valign="​top">​
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 </td> </td>
 <td class="​bibtexitem">​ <td class="​bibtexitem">​
-Kyle&nbsp;Luh Shantanav&nbsp;Chakraborty ​and J&​eacute;​r&​eacute;​mie Roland.+Shantanav&nbsp;Chakraborty,​ Kyle&nbsp;Luh and J&​eacute;​r&​eacute;​mie Roland.
  On analog quantum algorithms for the mixing of markov chains.  On analog quantum algorithms for the mixing of markov chains.
  <​em>​arXiv e-prints</​em>,​ arXiv:​1904.11895,​ 2019.  <​em>​arXiv e-prints</​em>,​ arXiv:​1904.11895,​ 2019.
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 </td> </td>
 <td class="​bibtexitem">​ <td class="​bibtexitem">​
-Gwena&​euml;​l&​nbsp;​Joret ​Jean&​nbsp;​Cardinal ​and J&​eacute;​r&​eacute;​mie Roland.+ ​Jean&​nbsp;​Cardinal, ​Gwena&​euml;​l&​nbsp;​Joret and J&​eacute;​r&​eacute;​mie Roland.
  ​Information-theoretic lower bounds for quantum sorting.  ​Information-theoretic lower bounds for quantum sorting.
  <​em>​arXiv e-prints</​em>,​ arXiv:​1902.06473,​ 2019.  <​em>​arXiv e-prints</​em>,​ arXiv:​1902.06473,​ 2019.