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 //Nicolas J. Cerf, group leader.// //Nicolas J. Cerf, group leader.//
 +<box w=99% nodash|**JOB OPENING : Postdoctoral position in quantum foundations** >
 +Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position in quantum foundations. The researcher will work with Dr. Ognyan Oreshkov within the framework of the consortium project “The Quantum Information Structure of Spacetime ([[http://​www.qiss.fr|QISS]])”,​ funded by the John Templeton Foundation. This is a multinational research effort at the intersection of quantum gravity, quantum computing, and quantum foundations,​ which aims to understand the structure of spacetime from an informational perspective through collaboration between experts from different fields. The position in Brussels will investigate the concept of causal structure in quantum theory, with particular focus on approaches to quantum theory in the absence of predefined causal structure, the notion of causal nonseparability and its relevance at the intersection of quantum mechanics and gravity, as well as the link between causal structure and quantum reference frames.  ​
 +Please direct informal enquiries to [[oreshkov@ulb.ac.be|Dr. Ognyan Oreshkov]]. ​
 <box w=99% nodash|**Ognyan Oreshkov** joins QuIC as a permanent F.R.S.-FNRS researcher!>​ <box w=99% nodash|**Ognyan Oreshkov** joins QuIC as a permanent F.R.S.-FNRS researcher!>​