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-<box w=99% nodash|**JOB ​OPENINGS ​Two postdoctoral positions on quantum ​causal structures** > +<box w=99% nodash|**JOB ​OPENING ​Postdoctoral position in quantum ​foundations** > 
-Applications are invited for [[https://​www.quantiki.org/​position/​two-postdoctoral-positions-quantum-causal-structures-ulb|two postdoctoral positions]] on the subject of quantum causal structures. The postdoctoral researchers ​will work with Dr. Ognyan Oreshkov within the framework of the project “Quantum ​Physics and Information ​with Indefinite Causal ​Structure” funded by the ARC Consolidation scheme ​of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. The aim of the project is to investigate the link between ​causal structure ​and quantum theory ​from a foundational perspective, with specific emphasis ​on the concept ​of quantum indefinite ​causal ​structurestheir information processing power, physical realizability, and potential role in fundamental physics.+Applications are invited for postdoctoral ​position in quantum ​foundations. The researcher ​will work with Dr. Ognyan Oreshkov within the framework of the consortium ​project “The Quantum Information Structure ​of Spacetime ([[http://​www.qiss.fr|QISS]])funded by the John Templeton Foundation. This is a multinational research effort at the intersection ​of quantum gravity, quantum computing, and quantum foundations,​ which aims to understand ​the structure of spacetime from an informational perspective through collaboration between experts from different fields. The position in Brussels will investigate the concept of causal structure ​in quantum theory, with particular focus on approaches to quantum theory in the absence ​of predefined ​causal ​structurethe notion of causal nonseparability and its relevance at the intersection of quantum mechanics and gravityas well as the link between causal structure ​and quantum reference frames 
-Applications should be sent to [[oreshkov@ulb.ac.be|Dr. Ognyan Oreshkov]]. ​+Please direct informal enquiries ​to [[oreshkov@ulb.ac.be|Dr. Ognyan Oreshkov]]. ​
 </​box>​ </​box>​