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Computing Project topics - PROJH402

Graphical visualisation of data structures (topic already taken)

The goal of this computing project would be to create live graphical representations of the memory layout for various data structures such as linked lists and binary search trees. These graphical representations should allow to visualise the elements in the data structure as nodes in a graph, with arrows representing pointers between them. They should be live in the sense that they should monitor a data structure created and modified in a C++ program, and constantly update the representation as elements are added or removed from the data structure. The system should also be sufficiently robust to allow for errors in the data structure, such as loops in a tree or stale pointers. The ultimate goal of this project would be to assist students learning data structures, as for example in the Bachelor course INFOH304. Requirements: Good knowledge of C++ programming and data structures, basic knowledge or ability to learn some API for vector graphics such as OpenGL Working language: English or French Contact: Jérémie Roland Jeremie.Roland@ulb.be