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Evgueni Karpov


Email: ekarpov (at) ulb.ac.be
Phone: +32-2-650 29 73
Fax: +32-2-650 29 41
Address: QuIC - Ecole Polytechnique de Bruxelles
Université Libre de Bruxelles
50 av. F. D. Roosevelt - CP 165/59
B-1050 Bruxelles

Short biography

University Degree in Physics (1987) from St. Petersburg State University. Ph.D. equivalent degree in Polymer Physics (1994) from the Institute of Macromolecular Compounds, Russian Academy of Sciences. In 1996, invited to theInternational Solvay Institutes of Physics and Chemistry in Brussels to study irreversibility and dissipation in quantum systems including the decoherence problem with potential application to quantum information. In January 2005, joined the Centre for Quantum Information and Communication as a postdoctoral fellow.

Research interests

  • Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Channels
  • Quantum Information, Continuous variables
  • Quantum Optics, Foundations of Quantum Mechanics,
  • Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Arrow of time

Research projects

  • 7th Framework Program:
    • European Coordinated Research on Long-term Challenges in Information and Communication Sciences & Technologies ERA-Net
      • HIPERCOM “High-Performance Coherent Quantum Communications”
  • 6th Framework Program:
    • Information Society Technology domain:
      • SECOQC “Development of a Global Network for Secure Communication based on Quantum Cryptography”
  • 5th European Framework Program:
    • Information Society Technology domain:
      • NTCONGS “New Technology for the Control of Narrow Gap Semiconductor Materials”
      • SQUID “Semiconductor-based implementation of Quantum Information Devices”
    • Human Research Potential domain:
      • NSNS “Nonlocal Structures at the Nanometer Scale”
  • Belgian federal policy (BELSPO):
    • Interuniversitary Attraction Poles program:
      • Photonics@be “Towards smart photonics in 2020” Interuniversitary Attraction Pole nº VII-35
  • Brussels-Capital Region:
    • SecurIT: ICT strategic platform
      • SeCloud: Security-driven engineering of Cloud-based Applications, Grant: 2015-PFS-ICT-6
    • ICT Impulse Program:
      • CRYPTASC “Advanced ICT solutions to CYPTography, Authentication, and Secure Communication: software engineering assisted by quantum technology”
    • Prospective Research for Brussels Program, ICT domain:
      • “Étude prospective de la cryptographie quantique à haut débit et de ses possibilitées de déploiement en région bruxelloise”



L. Vanbever, E. Karpov, and K. Panajotov,
Semiconductor surface emitting lasers for photon pairs generation,
Chaos 27 (2017) 104613; doi:10.1063/1.4985641
PDF file


A. Hertz, E. Karpov, A. Mandilara, and N. J. Cerf,
Detection of non-Gaussian entangled states with an improved continuous-variable separability criterion,
Phys. Rev. A 93 (2016) 032330;
PDF file, arXiv:1511.06621 [quant-ph]


21st Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics: Book of Abstracts.
N. J. Cerf and E. Karpov (eds.), 23-27 June 2014, (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, 2014) 258 p.
ISBN: 978-2-9601515-0-3

A. Mandilara, E. Karpov, and N. J. Cerf,
Purity- and Gaussianity-bounded uncertainty relations,
J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 47 (2014) 045302,
PDF file, arXiv:0910.3473 [quant-ph]


J. Schäfer, E. Karpov, R. Garcia-Patron, O. V. Pilyavets, and N. J. Cerf,
Equivalence relations for the classical capacity of single-mode Gaussian quantum channels,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 111 (2013) 030503
PDF file, Suppl. Mat., arXiv:1303.4939 [quant-ph]

E. Karpov, J. Schäfer, R. Garcia-Patron, O. V. Pilyavets, and N. J. Cerf,
Gaussian classical capacity of Gaussian quantum channels,
Nanosystems: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics 4, 496 (2013).
PDF file


C. N. Gagatsos, E. Karpov, and N. J. Cerf,
Probabilistic phase-insensitive optical squeezer in compliance with causality,
Phys. Rev. A 86 (2012) 012324
PDF file, arXiv:1205.4585 [quant-ph]

J. Schäfer, E. Karpov, and N. J. Cerf,
Gaussian matrix product states for coding in bosonic communication channels,
Phys. Rev. A 85 (2012) 012322
PDF file, arXiv:1201.0200 [quant ph]


J. Schäfer, E. Karpov, N. J. Cerf,
Gaussian capacity of the quantum bosonic memory channel with additive correlated Gaussian noise,
Phys. Rev. A 84 (2011) 032318
PDF file, arXiv:1011.4118 [quant-ph]


A. Mandilara, E. Karpov and N. J. Cerf,
Uncertainty, Entropy and non-Gaussianity for mixed states,
Proc. of SPIE 7727 (SPIE, Bellingham, WA, 2010) 77270H

J. Schäfer, E. Karpov, and N. J. Cerf,
Quantum water-filling solution for the capacity of Gaussian information channels,
Proc. of SPIE 7727 (SPIE, Bellingham, WA, 2010) 77270J


J. Schäfer, D. Daems, E. Karpov, and N. J. Cerf,
Capacity of a bosonic memory channel with Gauss-Markov noise,
Phys. Rev. A 80 (2009) 062313
PDF file, arXiv:0907.0982 [quant-ph]

A. Leverrier, E. Karpov, P. Grangier, and N. J. Cerf,
Security of continuous-variable quantum key distribution: exploiting symmetries in phase space,
New J. Phys. 11 (2009) 115009; arXiv:0907.3696 [quant-ph]

A. Mandilara, E. Karpov, N. J. Cerf,
Non-Gaussianity bounded uncertainty relation for mixed states,
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Extending Hudson's theorem to mixed quantum states,
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J. Lodewyck, M. Bloch, R. García-Patrón, S. Fossier, E. Karpov, E. Diamanti, T. Debuisschert, N. J. Cerf, R. Tualle-Brouri, S. W. McLaughlin, and P. Grangier,
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E. Karpov, R. García-Patrón, and N. J. Cerf,
Enforcing the tolerance to noise of a quantum key distribution protocol with continuous variables,
In: Proc. 28th Symposium on Information Theory in the Benelux (Enschede, The Netherlands, May 24-25, 2007) p. 227


E. Karpov, D. Daems, and N. J. Cerf,
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Phys. Rev. A 74, 032320; arXiv:quant-ph/0603286

E. Karpov, D. Daems, and N. J. Cerf,
Entanglement May Enhance Channel Capacity in Arbitrary Dimensions,
Journal Open Systems & Information Dynamics 13, N 4 (December), 363-372


E. Karpov, P. Navez, and N. J. Cerf,
Cloning quantum entanglement in arbitrary dimensions,
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F. Ciccarello, E. Karpov, and R. Passante,
Exactly solvable model of two three-dimensional harmonic oscillators interacting with the quantum electromagnetic field: The far-zone Casimir-Polder potential,
Phys. Rev. A 72, 052106; arXiv:quant-ph/0508034

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